Ready for Fatherhood?

As men near the stage of life where families and children become important, there can be lots of angst over whether now is the time to start a family.

Lets find out if you are emotionally ready;

  • Do you currently enjoy spending time with children?

You start noticing the little things about children, and they make you smile. The kids playing in the aisle at Nakumatt have been seriously distracting you from your shopping duties. You note crib and baby-monitor prices at the baby store without thinking. You enjoy and look forward to spending time with your friend’s baby, or your nephew, more than ever. You don’t mind their crying and whining as much as you used to, and so on. Chances are you want a kid.

  • The “one”

Ideally, your relationship should be long-term in order to raise a child (or children) together. Committed couples can usually discern for themselves when the best time to take the next step is, which for many is after marriage.

  • Have you set established your priorities?

As an individual, and before making yourself responsible for another human being’s life, make sure you are fulfilling your own expectations out of life. For example, if you want to be successful professionally, then attain financial stability first. Once you have a strong, loving relationship with a lady, the decision to bring a child into the world becomes simpler.

  • Don’t be misled

But before you rush off to the bedroom to start making babies, guard yourself against false leads. You may think that you’re ready, but if your feelings are more about you than the child, then that’s not right. If you feel there’s something missing in your life or you’re a single guy who needs a change, then a child is not necessarily the missing link. Perform a good evaluation of your own intentions before you commit.

Additionally, there are also signs that you are not ready for fatherhood, which may be interspersed with the above. If you’re having some of the following doubts, then perhaps you should put off your plans until you’re good and ready.

  • You aren’t committed to calming down

If you picture yourself putting the baby to bed and then heading out for a good dozen beers with the boys, then forget it. You can either ditch the partying or put off having a baby until you’re ready to do so. Sure, in the past you’ve been able to juggle school and partying, work and relationships, etc., but raising a child is one thing you can’t “juggle” with lots of recreation.


By Viktor Musili Posted in My Life

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