My Birthday Girl

I wish I could count all the ways

You make me feel so special to have you

I wish I could record down

Each and every episode I felt so happy with you

But the memories are innumerable and everywhere

You’re truly my greatest birthday girl!

I Love you!

By Viktor Musili Posted in Love

Wake Up Call



Dear God,

I’m trying so desperately to open up my mind to you; to not filter out what my internal self finds unimportant or crazy because I am imperfect and broken.

I wish to find you. I am writing here to you to tell you that I open myself up to you, ready to do whatever you ask of me. I have understood that you have shown me things for a reason and that my ultimate path has yet to be fulfilled.

Yet I am lost. To claim I know what I am to do now would be a falsity. I have deciphered the visions you show me and I have understood the message, yet I feel a million miles away from your guidance.

God, I ask you now to reach out to me in a way I have not experienced before. I have felt your presence inside of me and I know that this is the time. I ask you to heal the fractures I have acquired from eons of aimless wandering. I ask you to energize my body, to calm my mind, and to purify both to better receive those that come in your name. I ask you to expand the unconsciousness that has guided me in this lifetime so very well. I ask you to calm the powers of chaos and destruction that frustrate me and keep me from your love and knowledge.

I am writing to you because I know you hear me. I can feel the stirring inside my chest and the buzzing inside my head. I can feel that my ultimate destiny is approaching fast and I beg of you to not let me pass it by. Call the ultimate truth to my attention and allow it to beckon me.

I am listening and I am finally ready to accept what I was created to achieve. I now surrender myself to you.




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A girls world



When a girl is quiet, Million of things are running in her mind.

When a girl is is not arguing, She is thinking deeply.

When a girl looks at you with eye full of questions, She is wondering how long you will be around.

When a girl answers I’m fine after a few seconds, She is not all fine.

When a girls lays on your chest, she is wishing for you to be hers forever.

When a girl wants to see you everyday, She wants to be loved.

When a girl says I love you, She means it.

When a girl says i miss you, No one in this world can miss you more than that.

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