I love you



I have been thinking about how to tell you this for months. At first I thought I would just run up to you and say it. Then I actually considered just kissing you, cutting right to the chase. The thing is, we’re friends. Not only that but we’ve only started to get really close recently. I love it. I love being your friend, I love texting you, talking to you on the phone and I love seeing your face. But, the problem is, I may love you. I really want to tell you, see your face and have you say it back. But, what if you don’t? What if you just look at me with the blank stare you’ve spent your entire life perfecting? What if you reject me? What if it ruins everything we’ve gained over the last year. What if it ruins us?

I want to tell you so badly, but I don’t want to risk losing you. So I’m going to tell you here. I’ll tell the world instead.

I love you.


Courtesy of Letter I’ll never send.

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Food for thought

While  i was going through my pictures, i stumbled upon this one. It made my taste buds go nuts.

We prepared this meal way back in April 2009 during the Easter weekend. I must say, i cherish those memories.

So i decided to share the Recipe to y’all chefs or wannabe.

Oven-roast goat

Oven-roasted goat


2-3 pound boneless leg roast
2-4 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon rosemary, oregano, black pepper
1 tablespoon thyme, mint leaves, coriander, parsley
1 1/2 cups white wine (optional) peeled whole onions (optional) carrots, cut into 6-inch chunks (optional) Clay pot, covered baking dish or oven baking bag

1. Insert knife into roast to create small pockets for garlic slices. Add garlic to taste (2-4 cloves).
2. Place roast and herbs in dish (or pot or bag). Add 1 ½ cups water or substitute white wine for the water. If desired, add peeled whole onions, small whole un-peeled potatoes, and chopped carrots.
3. Roast at 325F for approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours or until internal temperature reaches 145F for medium rare, or 160F for medium.
4. Remove from oven, let rest, slice thin and serve with cooking juices spooned over the meat. Left over juices and meat make a wonderful soup or stew.

Hours later….

End result

Serve with Ugali and greens preferably Mchicha dipped in coconut milk or mixed vegetables.  Enjoy!
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Monday Blues

As i write this post, am still experiencing ‘Monday Blues’. It all started on Friday evening after work. We went to have a few pints with my best friend, lets call him Jackson for reasons of anonymity.

We talked about football as we enjoyed our drinks, you know the guy thing! So later we were joined by his girlfriend, Bambi and later headed to a restaurant for dinner.

This new joint was all “Swahili”, the atmosphere was refreshing and got straight to ordering. I guess out of curiosity and trying to experience something new, we all ordered “Biriani Pilau”.

Now i know if you’ve been to Mombasa, you’ve definitely sampled either of the two dishes. Now this was a mash, combination of the two, but with a twist.

The best places in town is “Tarboush” as my dear friend Cindy would say. Their “Biriani” puts your mums cooking aside. You can’t even begin to compare. Anyway more on that some other day.

The waiter arrives and we’re our mouths are filled with saliva. The presentation was awesome. After a couple of spoonfuls in my mouth, had to order for more juice, the dish was spicy! If your got ulcers or don’t take chili, i would advise you not to try it out.

So after dinner, we took a walk to allow digestion to take its course then headed home.

Saturday came, the usual house chores, tiding up the place. In the evening we went to watch football, two big games; Chelsea vs Blackburn Roves and Arsenal vs West Ham United, a couple of pints to keep the evening interesting.

Meet a fellow tweepie as they they call it on Twitter, we had a nice conversation. Promise to do the same very soon, Ishallah.

Here’s comes the icing on the cake, its midnight right thanks to this left handed wanker called Mututho, the bar was closing up. Got on to a “tuk tuk” and headed to town to extend the celebration.

We arrive at this joint aka “Sodom and Gomorrah” and were treated like King Mswati’s sons. Believe me, the ratio of women to men was 6:1, a guy would not get to sit alone, how?

Just after 20 mins or so, this girl passes us and graciously says hi and asks whether she could join us. Why not, i said; like a gentleman i stood and pulled the seat. On the other hand Jackson was busy checking her out!

Got to introduce ourselves, we had earlier agreed no using real names. So our new persona was now in synchrony. ‘We drove from Nairobi for the weekend’

We started to talk, OK she was doing most of the talking but we soon got the hang of it as continued to ‘swallow’.

Warning , the following events are *Rated 18*

We went on with our conversation with one Esther, our lady friend “in need of company”, she was dressed in one of those 50cent jumpers and trousers. I even thought we she was from the gym or something.

The zipper was half open and could see her cleavage and tits popping out, pulling my eyes closer for a closer view. She stood up and danced next to me to the sounds of the popular song, ‘Bend over’ NB: i don’t know why but this song drives the ladies crazy.

Her ass was firm, of course i had to touch, i mean who wouldn’t. Enjoyed every little bit of it.

I got a call of nature and went to the washroom, i come back and Jackson tells me, our lady friend just popped out one of her tits and showed it to him. Yea, thats right.

So she’s now befriending me to take her home, my place. Mm, remember i mentioned we were visiting from Nairobi?

Told her was going home to rest, no extra curriculum  activities for me as we “were to drive to south coast to meet our friend and return back to Nairobi.” She bought it.

Still pleading and out of desperation she reduced her rates by 50%, even Safaricom take months before they make such a decision.

As we were about to leave, we exchanged phone numbers on a promise that i will call her next time i come to coast.

Too much details left out because my dear friend is anxiously waiting to read.

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